Few cities have contributed to culture as much as Florence has. Here Humanism and Renaissance were originated, and the idea of capitalism was born. The Medici, one of the most important families in the Florentine history, worked with the pope to establish networks between the banks and the business settlements over the whole continent. At the same time they made the city become considered the greatest for arts in the world.

Today there are more than 400 000 people in the greater area of Florence. Next to Milan, Florence is considered as the capital for fashion in Italy.

In addition to the huge cultural heritage and the tourism, Florence benefits as being the largest city in the Tuscany area by having a large number of economic connections.

Since Florence is the centre for economic trade and continuing education, it is the ideal place to expand private and professional skills. Aside from a few large corporations, such as Gucci or Ferragamo, the medieval city of Florence is comprised of mostly small businesses that rely on traditional processes that have been developed over many hundreds of years to produce the highest quality products, especially in the field of the handicrafts. These traditions are transferred within the families, being famous all over the world for their heritage.

The economic composition of the city, makes Florence an appealing business centre to develop work activities related with diverse fields as fashion and design, architecture, arts, technology, economy, and much more. Opportunities are available in virtually any field of study.

With a placement in Florence, you get an extraordinary and attractive insight in the life and work of Italians – it is more than just a tourist view – you are involved in Italian life.

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